Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2012 in Pictures

So much has happened in 2012!
Celebrating my 8th Birthday!

Eight is GREAT

Looking good with my siblings:D

Summer fun at Disney-Land

I could not wait to meet Pluto

Loving swim time!

My book report in 2nd Grade on SPIDERS

Time for Soccer!

Doing my best as goalie

Sweaty but happy

Trip up north to see the trains

Trip to California

LOVED our hotel

First time at the beach

Awesome visit with cousins

Dinner with my awesome relatives
My older brothers both had baby girls-I'm an UNCLE

I'm a cub-scout and it's awesome

Christmas time was the best!!!! A new Wii

Skinny Jeans:D
Hopefully we can add THIS years pictures next! I have so much to share. Love, Great Brain

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